PRECISESADS’ consortium represents a range of partner organisations of high scientific reputation in the field, and with experience in undertaking large human cohort studies, 2 SMEs, and 5 major pharmaceutical companies. The coordinator of the consortium is Dr. Chris Chamberlain, VP Head of Experimental Medicine and Diagnostics at UCB. The managing entity is led by Dr. Marta E. Alarcón-Riquelme, Head of the Department of Medical Genomics at GENYO (Genomic and Oncological Research centre), administered by the FPS.

The PRECISESADS governance structure has been designed to effectively integrate the Public consortium, EFPIA and academic/SME members. To facilitate inclusiveness of membership in the Consortium, PRECISESADS will be managed on a tiered structure, comprising a Steering Committee (SC) a General Assembly (GA) and a Project Office (PO). The Project Office (PO) will be the central contact point for administrative, financial, scientific, and contractual concerns of the consortium members and Committees. Closer to the actual activities will be the Working groups.

Overview of the management Structure:

    The Steering Committee (SC), is the major decision-making body made of the coordinator, the Managing entity leader, and the WP Leaders and co-Leaders, to ensure representation of the academic partners and EFPIA, and serves as the main decision-making body.

    The General Assembly (GA) is made up of one representative nominated by each of the participating institutions with a vote each. The GA approves the annual plan, agrees to the accession of new members, and serves as the decision body for major decisions that will be done with unanimity.quorum There will be 5 General Assembly meetings, coinciding with the annual consortium meetings. The GA will create an Intellectual Property Committee during the kick-off meeting.

    The SC keeps track of the scientific progress and consists of all leaders of the Work Packages, the Coordinator and the Managing entity. Strategic decision-making of the PT will be undertaken at quarterly meetings (tele-meetings).  The PRECISESADS’ SC will report to the General Assembly and annually to the External Scientific Advisory Board, for independent evaluation of the Consortium strategy. Any decisions that impact the strategy of the project and allocation of budget between WPs will need to be endorsed by the SC.

Dr. Chris Chamberlain
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