• Cognite, a leader in industrial software, announced Industrial Canvas, an intuitive and visual workspace to revolutionize data exploration and visualization.
• Powered by Generative AI, Industrial Canvas enables users to easily build specific use case applications and accelerate high-quality business decisions.
• Aker BioMarine is already utilizing Cognite’s platform to increase efficiencies and improve production flow and maintenance across multiple sites.

Cognite Announces Industrial Canvas Platform

Cognite, a globally recognized leader in industrial software, has announced Industrial Canvas – an intuitive composable visual workspace that revolutionizes data exploration and visualization. Built on top of the market-leading Industrial DataOps foundation within Cognite’s core platform – Cognite Data Fusion – this platform is powered by Cognite AI; a comprehensive suite of Generative AI capabilities.

Benefits of Industrial Canvas

Industrial Canvas makes cross-data source insights available to everyone across all levels of the organization to easily build specific use case applications. This decreases time spent searching for data and increases time spent collaborating, accelerating high-quality business decisions by 90%. The collaborative environment allows users to view all types of data, choose to share workspaces, tag users and share insights as comments. Additionally, with Generative AI capabilities it enhances data onboarding; complete with lineage, quality assurance and governance.

Aker BioMarine Case Study

Aker BioMarine is already utilizing Cognite’s platform to increase efficiencies, reduce fuel consumption and improve production flow & maintenance across their Houston plant & three vessels in Antarctica. With the introduction of Industrial Canvas they are now able to leverage Generative AI further support their people & enable them to use their specialist knowledge for driving the organization forward.

The Ultimate No Code Experience

Industrial Canvas provides an ultimate no code experience for deriving cross-data source insights & driving high quality production optimization, maintenance safety & sustainability decisions through its user friendly interface & powerful features such as contextualized data & Generative AI capabilities .


This revolutionary product from Cognite promises ease of access for complex industrial data along with increased collaboration resulting in accelerated high quality business decisions at all levels of organizations globally!