• Pokemon Go was an instant hit when it launched in 2016, with millions of people taking to the streets in search of their favorite Pokemon.
• The game has had a lasting impact on the world, with an estimated 65 million people playing each year.
• The success of Pokemon Go can be attributed to its nostalgic appeal and its ability to foster social connection between players.

The Phenomenon of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most successful media franchises ever, bringing in over $100 billion USD in revenue and having a global cultural currency unlike any other franchise. When it launched in July 2016, it quickly became a social phenomenon as thousands of people took to the streets to catch rare Pokemon or battle against other trainers at nearby gym stops. Even today, many years later, the game still maintains an active player base of around 65 million people per year.

Why Did It Become So Popular?

Much of the success behind Pokemon Go can be attributed to its nostalgia factor – those who played it as children were able to reconnect with their own youth through this new application. Furthermore, the game promotes social interaction by allowing players to meet up with friends and explore their neighborhoods together. This provided an alternative ‚third space‘ for those who did not have access to paid areas for leisure activities such as cafes or bars.

How Did It Change Experiences?

Pokemon Go not only changed how we interacted with our cities but also how we interacted with each other—the game created numerous opportunities for users to come together both virtually and in real life. For instance, many communities organized public events that allowed players from all over their city (or even beyond) to meet up and hunt for rare species collectively or compete against one another at local gyms; some even formed online forums where they could share tips on catching certain types of Pokémon or strategies on defeating gym leaders more efficiently!

What Is The Impact Today?

The impact that Pokemon Go had on society is undeniable; it changed our relationship with technology by showing us how powerful mobile applications can be when used correctly. Additionally, it helped bring communities closer together by providing a safe space for them to interact without fear of judgement or ridicule while also creating opportunities for strangers from all walks of life to come together under common interests—allowing us all a glimpse into what our digital future may look like if we continue down this path!


Pokemon Go has become much more than just a game—it has become a cultural phenomenon that has changed how we interact with technology and each other on a daily basis. The immense popularity that this application still enjoys today further proves just how much potential augmented reality holds within itself; if used correctly, these technologies can bring us closer together instead of driving us apart!